Spaceport Camden Advocates Flood Senate With Support

Spaceport CamdenSpaceport Camden supporters came out to the state Capitol in droves today to demonstrate their support for the Georgia Spaceflight bill, HB 734.

On today’s hearing, Senator Bruce Thompson, Chairman of the Georgia State Senate Science & Technology Committee said:

“This is the single most attention given to a bill in my tenure in the Senate. In fact, more than 2,300 emails and letters have been sent in this past week alone.”

The Georgia House of Representatives recently passed House Bill 734 by a vote of 164-8 and it now resides in the state Senate.

The bill defines procedures for spaceflight activity in Georgia. Steve Howard, Camden County administrator and project leader for Spaceport Camden, explains:

“This bill signifies Georgia’s ability to compete on a global scale for a piece of the more than $300 billion commercial space marketplace. We are closer to bringing countless supply chain jobs and new high-paying jobs to the Coast and keeping Georgia’s top aerospace talent within our state’s borders.”

The GSFA is modeled after the Texas law, Limited Liability for Space Flight Activities, and defines procedures for spaceflight activity, which is an industry standard that is used in all other “space friendly” states.

The Senate Committee Chairman said today the bill will go under review for more study before a vote is called. So, the fight is not over yet!

Please show your Spaceport support and let your legislators know you support Spaceport Camden and jobs in Georgia!

For more information, please visit our website and follow us on Facebook!

If you are an educator who supports creating a STEM pipeline for jobs in Georgia, please join our Teachers For Spaceport Camden Facebook page.

If you are a Camden County resident, please join our Citizens for Spaceport Camden Facebook page.


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