The Latest from Spaceport Camden!

There is tremendous interest and support for the Georgia Space Flight Act. The room was filled to capacity last week at the Georgia Capitol, with supporters lining up to testify before the Georgia Senate Science and Technology Committee members. Supporters included residents of Camden County, professors, students and industry leaders. Many of them drove more than 5 hours in order to share their excitement with the Senate.

“I applaud the House and Senate for all the attention and consideration they are giving HB 734,” said Steve Howard, Camden County administrator and project leader for Spaceport Camden. “This bill signifies Georgia’s ability to compete on a global scale for a piece of the more than $300 billion commercial space marketplace. We are closer to bringing countless supply chain jobs and new high-paying jobs to the Coast and keeping Georgia’s top aerospace talent within our state’s borders.”

See more here: Spaceport Camden Advocates Support for HB 734

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