Wallops Island Spaceport Generates $145 Million Per Year in Tourism

Spaceport Camden will not only bring high-paying jobs to the region, it will also generate significant tourism interest. In Virginia, tourism dollars are flowing into the region because of the spaceport at Wallops Island. According to the Associated Press, it adds up to more than $145 million per year spent on and around Wallops Island. “People, when they’re here, they spend money. It would help a lot to help the businesses in the off season,” said Dorothee Renn or the Garden and Sea Inn.

People flock to the area to see the spaceflights launch. The rockets carry supplies to the International Space Station (ISS), filling a vital role for the future of space exploration and scientific advancement. “It’s really put the area on the map, so to speak. And, there’s a lot of interest in everything that we now do. Whether it be a small launch or a big launch, people just want to come to be able to see a rocket launch,” said Keith Koehler of NASA.

It has been a boost to the business community in the area. “I think the potential is for us to be busier than we have ever been. It changes the dynamics,” said Evelyn Shotwell of the  Chincoteague Chamber of Commerce. Spaceport Camden has the support of area Chambers of Commerce and we are confident that our launches will be a big selling point for the coastal tourism industry.

For the original AP story, click here



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