Spaceport Camden Gaining Momentum: Volume 1

With the Launch Site Operators License in sight, Spaceport Camden is gaining momentum and the state of Georgia is looking even more appealing to the aerospace industry. A major highlight for Spaceport Camden and the state of Georgia is being crowed number one in the 2020 annual Aerospace Manufacturing Attractiveness Rankings report. Georgia beat out all 50 states including states with well known spaceports: Florida, Virginia, Texas and California. Georgia is on its way to leading the new space race. 

With an ideal location on the coast of Georgia bordering northeast Florida, Camden County is strategically positioned to be one of the most important commercial spaceports in the United States. Once approved, Spaceport Camden will be the only exclusively vertical, non-federal range on the East Coast.

Camden County, Georgia has an exciting opportunity to make history again. The emerging commercial space market is poised to fuel the future growth in Georgia’s space industry, and we are well positioned to capitalize on the global $420-billion space industry. 

According to PwC, “This is a guide to promising geographic locations for aerospace development. The index examines relative strengths across many variables of locales both within the United States and globally, providing organizations with data they can leverage to help plan for the future.

The PwC rankings are based on a weighted score of category and subcategory rankings. PwC’s weighting system represents one way to evaluate the data and that individual users may tailor the weightings differently. Our quantitative framework can help provide industry leaders with information to optimize the supply chain, control costs and plan for future growth.”

“Camden County, Georgia was declared the Gateway To Space in the 1960’s and will retain that title again in 2021.”

– Steve Howard, Camden County Administrator and Spaceport Camden
Project Lead

This is a wonderful achievement for the state of Georgia and shows what Georgia and Spaceport Camden have to offer. The future of aerospace in Georgia is looking bright, and we are excited to see what is to come.

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