Georgians Support Spaceport Camden

Here are just a few comments from the thousands of Spaceport Camden Supporters!

SHOW YOUR SPACEPORT SUPPORT! Sign the petition and tell your legislators to bring the $300 billion commercial space industry to Georgia!

Camden County has the best site for this facility. SE Georgia needs economic development and jobs. I support the space industry for a variety of reasons: satellite launches, space exploration, missions to Mars, scientific inquiry and inventions, and more. The U.S. needs to regain our #1 status in space travel and missions.

Alecia Webb, Saint Marys, GA
2 days ago
 Bring jobs to Camden
Glenna Ruff, Kingsland, GA
2 days ago

I support Spaceport Camden!

Kathryn Bishop, St. Marys, GA
2 days ago

This is a rare opportunity to bring jobs at all levels of skill to our community.

M. Jane Keene, Kingsland, GA
2 days ago

this is important because if will bring much needed jobs and broaden our current tax base which is much needed for our citizens.

Jack Gross Sr, Kingsland, GA
2 days ago

To help the economy and bring more jobs and tourism to Georgia

Jordan Gallup, Saint Marys, GA
2 days ago

It will help our local economy with much needed jobs & broaden our tax base which is greatly needed.

Jack Gross Sr, Kingsland, GA
2 days ago

Its a great opportunity to put Camden County and other coastal counties on the map. Let’s explore getting job opportunities in the area so our young people can choose to stay in the area.

Robbie Cheek, Waverly, GA
2 days ago
 Private space travel will not only benefit those in this area but all of us. Many scientific advancements have resulted from science, technology and medicine when in the the hands of an entrapeuner! Jobs and benefit to mankind. Why wouldn’t we do this?
Allan Imes, McDonough, GA
2 days ago

I am signing this petition in hopes that something good can come from the potential space site that was a former industrial site.

Michael Fender, Woodbine, GA

It’s a great opportunity for Camden County and the State of Georgia

Katie Howard, Woodbine, GA
2 days ago

This effort is a logical extension of Georgia’s international prominence in aeronautics, and naturally fits into out historic role as a leader in transportation and logistics. As a university professor who works in space technology, I appreciate, understand, and agree with the value proposition of this Georgia initiative.

Robert Braun, Newnan, GA
2 days ago

Georgia needs jobs to boost its economy!

Donna Futch, Nashville, GA
2 days ago

I’m signing because our area needs better quality high tech jobs.

Angel Dial, Waycross, GA
2 days ago

Forward to the future !
Space Port should come to Camden County , Ga.

Donna Thomas, Saint Marys, GA
2 days ago

We need to move Camden County forward.

Edith Dawson, St. Marys, GA
2 days ago

Because I love where I live, and Georgians need jobs!

Willis Keene, Woodbine, GA
2 days ago

I’m signing as a citizen of GA and a son of Camden County. Our county has outstanding ties to national infrastructure, a strong pool of technically/mechanically savvy labor force, and near a military base. Please support business to bring advanced, skilled jobs to our state!

Kenneth Fernandez, Kennesaw, GA
2 days ago

I’m signing because I believe Camden county needs this economic boost. A once great county was steam rolled by the recession and could really use the commerce

mckinley fine, Saint Marys, GA
2 days ago

I am the President of the Georgia Space Society and our 200 statewide members are firmly behind the effort to build a spaceport in Georgia.

Michael Mealling, Kennesaw, GA

We need jobs in Camden and more opportunities for students in STEM Education.

Jeremy Spencer, Saint Marys, GA
2 days ago

This project is important to the future of Camden County, This state, this country, and the world.

John Myers, Saint Marys, GA
2 days ago

Would love to see these jobs brought to Camden.

Marty Gillette, Kingsland, GA
2 days ago

Good for the county.

Bryan Spradlin, Saint Marys, GA
2 days ago

I am signing this petition becuase the possibility of a SPACEPORT in Camden County will bring much needed economic development to this area. This development will bring jobs and revenue to make Camden County thrive. I am all for it!

William Carreira, Kingsland, GA
2 days ago

It will be wonderful for the economy bringing in jobs for Camden county.

Terri riggins, Statenville, GA
2 days ago

It would bring profit to this area. Its is greatly needed.

Heather LeBlanc, Saint Marys, GA
2 days ago

Spaceport Camden will create so many jobs in Georgia and Camden County. And, not just aerospace engineering. We are talking about construction jobs, transportation, tourism. The list goes on and on. Plus, this will bring an entirely new industry to Georgia and establish our place in the new space race. I fully support this venture!

Jennifer Jones, Decatur, GA
2 days ago

Jobs are needed in this area. We have a high quality of living, great schools, excellent access to transportation routes.

John Mcneil, Saint Marys, GA
2 days ago

I’m signing because this is a great job opportunity for the community and I would love to get my husband a job there.

Heather Beaston, Shippensburg, PA
2 days ago

I live in this area that could be the potential site for this new development in Georgia. It would make a huge impact in our economy.

Ashley Odom, Kingsland, GA
5 hours ago

I support Spaceport Camden and look forward to the economic boost and noteriety it will bring to our community.

David Quinton, Saint Marys, GA
5 hours ago


Juanita Neace, Saint Marys, GA
9 hours ago

Georgia NEEDS this! South Georgia NEEDS this!

Melaney Spencer, Woodbine, GA
12 hours ago


Sidney Howell, Saint Marys, GA
13 hours ago

It is important to the citizens in Camden County …for jobs and revenue…

Lynda Nugent, St Marys, GA
15 hours ago

I am in support of this project. We need more jobs in Camden County!

Justin Strickland, Saint Marys, GA
16 hours ago

I support this project

David O’Berry, Folkston, GA
16 hours ago

Space is where mankind’s future is.

Brandon Gartenbush, Sandersville, GA
17 hours ago

We need employers. We need to give our young adults a reason to stay or return to our county.

Linda Victory, Saint Marys, GA
18 hours ago

The Spaceport means JOBS!!!! It is an opportunity for our county to have the type of employment that people are driving to other areas for. I support Spaceport Camden for the future of Camden’s workforce!

Stephanie Brown, Kingsland, GA
1 day ago

The economic impact as well as the opportunity to bring in highly educated job positions to our area is a win-win situation. Being able to see a productive use for the proposed site that will serve not only our community but the state, nation and international communities is a welcome opportunity.

Matthew Sands, Kingsland, GA
1 day ago

Camden County has very skilled laborers and highly educated professionals yet they commute over an hour away to jobs they aren’t passionate about. Being an ideal location for a space port and home to an experienced work force, it’s a win win situation.

Frank Gillette, Saint Marys, GA
2 days ago

GA needs all the economic development tools in its tool box to be competitive with other aerospace states: CA,FL,TX,&VA. This is also an opportunity to create technical opportunities for South GA and become a part of a $300 billion world market. Camden County is the BEST site GA and the east coast have to develop the space industry. The project also reserves 10K acres as buffer and mitigation for space activities.

Rachel Baldwin, Kingsland, GA
2 days ago

bring jobs to camden

Richard Blackman, Saint Marys, GA
2 days ago

I support spaceport camden bring-jobs to Georgia

Carlos Alvarado, Brunswick, GA
2 days ago

I care about Georgia’s Economy

Tyler Anderson, Atlanta, GA
2 days ago

We need jobs for our young people.

Boo Kinsey, Kingsland, GA
2 days ago

As a former space coast resident I have seen the benefits it brings to the state and local community.

Dwight Roberts, Cumming, GA
2 days ago

I believe Georgia would a great place for a spaceport!

Karen Braun, Newnan, GA
2 days ago